Friday, June 12, 2015

Raisin Fusion?

While goofing around on the internet recently, I have uncovered a disturbing trend. I think it comes from the lack of science and mathematics being taught in our public school systems.

The amount of “Junk Science” floating around the internet is staggering. Everything from cleaning up the ocean and electric cars to solar powered roads, man made climate change and recycling. Everyone has an opinion or belief that they are absolutely convinced can and will change the world. No amount of factual data will convince these new unqualified experts they could be wrong or mislead.

It seems the internet has spawned a new form of fiction that has a huge readership. If you can make something believable, no matter how impossible or stupid, you can become an internet sensation. Never mind basic physics or simple things like gravity and friction. All you have to do is find a silly cause, make up an even sillier solution and hit the send button. Every scientific genius on Facebook will share your idea and you will become instantly famous. If enough uneducated people hit your site, it will go “Viral” and may even get picked up by the mainstream media. That ensures the cycle will continue.

I guess this is just a natural human need to search for and maybe even achieve your personal 15 minutes of fame. Myself, if I have to be remembered for something I would hope it wasn’t for something stupid. Sure the toaster sized home nuclear reactor I am working on sounds like a good idea. After I am gone and it’s proven just how far fetched and idiotic an idea it really is, would it do my memory and legacy any justice? Do I want to be remembered as an idiot? Can I prevent that anyway?

When you put ideas out on the internet you are potentially reaching every person on the planet. Those thoughts are there forever (unless you are Hillary Clinton). You can’t get them back, scrub or sanitize them. Why doesn’t anyone think before they post such nonsense? All they achieve is world wide attention of their gullibility. 

The next logical question is: “But Chuckie, Look at the shit you post in your blog?” Fair point. The only difference here is no one READS my blog and I am acutely aware of what I post and my reputation. And I don’t care.

My Raisin powered home nuclear reactor will solve the energy crisis, reverse man made climate change, repair the drought damage in California and power your home. The raisin farmers will get hugely rich and the new world currency will be the Raisin.

If we mass produce this device, everyone of us would become their own private utility. We could sell our excess power back to the utility companies and the non believes would then be supporting us. We could even get the government to sponsor a tax break for buying one of these stupid inventions. Sort of like they do for electric cars.

It’s a simple process really. The toaster sized, brushed stainless steel box would sit on your counter. Every day you would drop a raisin into the hole on top and it would convert the organic material into electricity through the magic of nuclear fusion (or some other little understood process) The only “Waste Products” that it would emit are electricity, water and Velveeta cheese. We would use the electricity to power our computers for the internet and our Nintendo systems, the water we would mail to California and we would use the Velveeta to make broccoli palatable.

Maybe I can get some huckster like Elon Musk to market my idea, sell it to Congress and make a bazillon dollars from research grants. Meanwhile, look for more discussion about this project on the Weather Channel and the Internet.

Both are equally full of shit these days……….

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