Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Water on the Brain...

Once again the current record California drought has made the national news. 

It seems all the self proclaimed geniuses have decided that dumping millions of 3” plastic floating balls into their reservoirs will stop the evaporation of their dwindling water supply. In one water pond alone they have dumped in 97 million of these things that look like floating Bocci balls. The cost so far? Thirty eight million bucks. You read it correctly, $38,000,000 in this one reservoir alone.

How many more lakes are they going to drop these plastic time bombs into? They don’t hurt the environment is what the state government is telling everyone. How many times have we heard THAT kinda SHIT before? I can remember when plastic Nalgene bottles were safe before anyone knew what BPA was. Remember "nine out of ten doctors prefer Camels"? "Here is a prescription for Thalidomide to help you sleep through your morning sickness. It’s perfectly safe”. The list goes on and on.

How many times have we stated a product is safe with our current knowledge of chemistry and physiology only to find out later that we were wrong? Dead wrong. How many times will be be able to afford to do stupid shit like this without regard of the consequences, without even a clue to what said future consequences might be?

Maybe some of the people who have caused the severe water shortage in California should do the environmentally correct and responsible thing and move the hell away! That part of the continent NEVER could support the population that is living there now. They have had droughts since the beginning of time and have always managed to build more reservoirs, aqueducts, and water pipelines into the state. The simple answer was and is to just buy more water from somewhere else.

But what happens when you can’t afford it or there is no more water to buy? Tax the shit out of the rest of the country to make up for your own reproductive incompetence? Steal the water from neighboring states? Bitch loudly about how it’s anyones fault but your own? All the above?

As usual I have to come up with the intelligent answer.

Tax the shit out of the Californians and use the cash to build desalination facilities. It’s not like California doesn’t have miles of coast line to suck salt water from the ocean. Sure it isn’t cheap, but it does work, has been proven safe and will solve the problem until the population explodes there again. Use the money from the plastic balls program to kick start the massive building campaign. I’m sure with some creative incentives those liberal assholes could find a way to extract the cash from their citizens.

Hell if you sucked enough water from the oceans just maybe the sea levels will stop rising and they would save the planet. (More idiotic, junk science logic)

Nah, that wouldn’t work. California would then probably send an invoice to Florida for saving those idiot waterfront dwellers from drowning….

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