Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's Wrong with America.

I’ll tell you.

No one else will because they are too sensitive or too caring.

We have lost our creative abilities.

Take this toxic mine waste water spill in Colorado.

If I lived there, I would buy as many baby food jars as I could find/afford/carry and bottle that yucky water and sell that shit for ten dollars a cup. Think of the fun you could have and the money you could make selling that shit on the internet. I’d buy some right now just to put on my mantle.

Ten bucks a cup or twenty bucks a quart.

Sort of like the kids who sold a couple of dump trucks full of volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helens for ten bucks an ounce and made millions of dollars.

I would lock up toxicwater.com on the internet and make insane amounts of paypal quick cash.

Why is it that I have to think of this stuff? The fact that I do think of this and no one else does is what's wrong with America.

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