Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More like a Mudslide………………

Only reason I call it a mudslide is that the term “Shit Storm” is probably not politically correct. Standing on my porch I can see the shit storm building on the horizon. No one is going to escape. It’s just the level of coverage you are going to be buried in.

A democrat congress. A democrat president? Are any of us going to survive?

Sure, like any fatal disease process we won’t feel a thing at first. Gradually something will seem wrong. Soon your paycheck will start to get smaller. As more and more people don’t have any money to spend on goods and services, you may even get laid off. The democrat  economic colonoscopy will burrow deeper and deeper into the working man’s….er…. pocket.

Spread the wealth? More like spread your legs. BOHICA!

The folks on food stamps down at the Piggly Wiggly in their Cadillac’s will just laugh at you as they have prevailed not unlike a cockroach after a nuclear holocaust. They were the smart ones. They worked the system that you were forced to pay for by your greedy government. Oh sure, “They” caused this mess as they have the power to vote even though they don’t contribute to the society in any way. But you let it happen. YOU sat back and watched as the sick, lame, and lazy took over this country and voted away everything you and your family have worked towards for generations.

How do we fix it? I have no idea. I’m not sure there is a fix to save the patient. The patient will survive, but will just be a shadow of himself. Not able to run in the race anymore but just sit in the stands and watch the winners and survivors claim the glory that was once his.

And all you did was vote for change.

Thanks a lot. Enjoy that bologna sandwich you are sharing with the family for Thanksgiving this year.

Nice going dumbass…………. 

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