Thursday, April 23, 2009

Barstool Mountain………….

I bought Wifey this really cool iPod Nano for Christmas last year. It’s blue and she loves it. Then I showed her how to download songs from the iTunes store. The other day she downloaded a really cool music video from some guy singing in Hawaii. Life is good right?

Imagine my horror when she downloaded Disco Inferno. My lovely, intelligent wife likes disco music. What’s next? Barry Manilow? I’d rather listen to Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

 I got her back though. You see, Chuckie went to college in West Texas. I learned quickly that those Miss America class beautiful little Texas girls were brought up on country music. So I did the unthinkable. I started listening to country music. Hell, I even started drinking beer with the late night DJ from the station near the Texas Tech campus.

That’s how I met Johnny Paycheck. What a fun guy he was, He even remembered me when he came back through town every couple of months. He loved the BBQ at Stubbs and was hooked on Coors beer.

Sure he was an outlaw, hard drinking country singer. The man was a study in extremes. He could get drunk and start a bar fight in seconds. He could also wax poetical and even get a tear in his eye when he talked about how he admired Buddy Holly.

We lost Johnny on Feb 19 2003. The world will never be the same for me

I found a bunch of his music on iTunes and most of it now resides on my hard drive. Whenever I hear Wifey’s computer screeching that horrible disco music I crank up a few of Johnny’s best songs to drown her out. Barstool Mountain, Georgia in a Jug, Take this Job and Shove it. Friend, Lover, Wife and Colorado Kool-Aide.

Did I mention Wifey  hates country as much as I hate disco?

I miss you Johnny and thanks for the ammunition to battle that Gloria Gaynor and Barry Gibb noise that Wifey tortures me with.

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John said...

That is so weird! Jackie & I love the song "Colorado Kool-Aide" by Johnny Paycheck. In fact, we just helped her mom download it from iTunes this past w-end!!

That is one of my "go-to" songs on the rare occasion when I hit my fav hole in the wall, Glenn's (liquor store). I even put it on a "date" cd I made for Jackie last year. (That's right ... I am all class & romance!)