Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New Cable Channel…………..

That’s what I thought at first. I then realized it was the STSOY (Scare the Shit Outta You) channel. Formerly known as the History Channel.

It seems that the History Channel runs out of their spectacular programing every now and them and needs to rise to a lower level and start showing programs that document every conceivable threat to humanity.

Sure the earth could be in the path of a huge asteroid. We also may get zapped by a killer gamma ray burst. Super volcanoes have erupted in the past and there have been continent wide plagues as recently as the 1400s. This is the stuff of history and should be studied and learned from. Maybe if we are really clever we might be able to prevent, or at least, learn to cope with these disasters when they do happen.

This weeks fare on the History Channel is pure fecal fantasy.

Super hurricanes that are 2,000 (two thousand) miles wide with 500+mph winds? When has that ever happened? Robotic intelligence taking over the planet? I’ll even throw in global warming to this stewpot as it is a farce as well. Some of these future and farcical disasters rival the plot of Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Go ahead. Read that one. I dare you!

Why can’t anyone just stick to what they do best? There is a Science Fiction Channel on cable. Leave the speculative nonsense to them. Even though they cancelled Tripping the Rift they do a pretty good job of showcasing the future possibilities of our silly species.

Maybe I should write the short story of the Velveeta Asteroid hitting the earth.

Stay Tuned………………..

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