Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Olympic Herpes……

It’s that time again. You can’t avoid it. It will consume you and ruin your life. It will spread from your television to your internet to your smart phone like an STD. Soon cereal boxes will have the faces of dimwit jocks you have never heard of before, from unknown sports, staring at you in the isles of the food depot.

Of course I am talking about the Olympics. That over blown nonsense that goes on for two weeks every four years. I have blogged about it before (Feb 18 2010) and I still feel the same way.

It started last night when NBC news (Guess which network shelled out two billion dollars (($2,000,000,000.00)) for the rights to bore and infuriate me) aired their closing “Feel Good” story about a chick who is trying to qualify for the 100 meter high hurdles.

All I care about is if she is the fastest at her sport without doping up. That’s it. I don’t care if her mom died when she was a child, I don’t care if she slept in a basement eating used cat food out of a dumpster. All that human interest crap dilutes what the athletes are doing and trying to achieve. Make all the athletes compete naked and don’t disclose their names and nationalities until the race is over. This way the true talent rises to the top and NBC has to show you coverage where the US just might not pull off the miracle win every time.

The United States has the most extensive athletics organization in the world. High school, college and eventually professional levels are all fun to watch, but they should never be mixed together. Letting our NBA stars who make millions a year to act like assholes first and playing basketball second, should not be allowed to play against amateur teams from places like Cameroon or Haiti or Norway. That is the stupidest shit I have ever seen. But you can bet your sweet ass that NBC will show you the preliminary game of basketball between the US and the Dutchy of Grand Fenwick during prime time.

And I sure as hell hope they don’t tap that smug asshole Bob Costas to be their Olympic anchorman again. He makes me want to barf every time I see him. The only sports personality worse than him is Holly Rowe from ESPN. I would rather treat an acute case of hemorrhoids with Tabasco sauce then hear these two losers belch on and on about sports they know nothing about.

I guess I just won’t pay my cable bill during the month of August. College football will not have started yet and watching baseball is about as exciting as watching snails fuck. There is nothing on TV worth a shit until October when the Walking Dead comes back on.

Except for Dallas of course.

Come to think of it, J.R. Ewing does kinda resemble some of the extras on TWD…........

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