Monday, November 19, 2012

Including Women and Children………

Israel today launched another airstrike into the Gaza Strip. The attack is retaliation for the terrorist group Hamas firing rockets into Israel.

Good for them.

Hamas has been a deadly, inhuman group of terrorists since they were formed. Remember that they over threw the legitimate government of the Gaza strip much like the Taliban did in Afghanistan. This time they want unlimited border access to Egypt. Instead of trying to negotiate with their neighbors they chose to fire rockets with explosive warheads into Israel.

My take on this?

Israel should bulldoze Gaza into the sea. Period.

I don’t care if they kill women and children, goats and microbes doing it.

How can those in the Muslim world justify Hamas firing cheap, unguided rockets willy nilly into Israel and then complain when Israel retaliates? We are talking thousands of rockets here. Israel doesn’t even respond in kind. They send in the jets to perform precision surgical strikes against the rocket launchers and the Hamas leaders themselves.

The cowardly Muslim extremists have started placing these rocket launchers in schools and mosques knowing Israel won’t target them where civilian casualties would be created. They have no concern for their own children or places of worship.

The answer is simple.


And the God Damn news media needs to pull their heads outta their asses and tell the story of what is really going on there. Sure a blanket wearing towel head carrying a killed child in the street makes for good TV, but, they did it to themselves.  The American news media needs to show BOTH sides caring for their dead and wounded and ask the question, “Who started this mess?”

If Hamas can attack civilian centers with random, unguided missile attacks then Israel should have no problems targeting population centers in Gaza.

These so called “religious extremists” in Gaza have no regard for human life. It doesn’t matter to them whose. It’s time for Israel to play hardball. Target schools, hospitals, mosques, shopping malls, anywhere there is a population that can be killed. Let the terrorists experience the side of terrorism that they themselves practice. The entire population of Gaza supports the actions of Hamas anyway.

What does the world have to lose by systematically exterminating them?

This would be a great place to use an enhanced radiation thermonuclear weapon. No messy fallout downwind, towards Israel, to worry about. Just clean, efficient gamma ray energy killing every living thing in a 10 mile radius. Israel has them, they should use them.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not a fan of Israel, nor do I feel they have a divine right to steal land that was owned and lived on for thousands of years by another people.

But when Hamas starts firing unguided missiles into population centers without concern for who or what they destroy it’s time to unleash the hounds.

I hope Israel exterminates every single one of those bastards. The world would be better for it, and the news could get back to what’s important.

Like the Twinkies shortage……..

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