Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Watching History Unfold……

Buried deep within all the news this week, there is one that you are missing.

Remember when Richard Nixon resigned the presidency of the United States due to being involved in the Watergate cover up. Not the original bugging of the Watergate hotel, but the cover up and lying to congress and the American people. Nixon did the honorable thing. He resigned the presidency  and let the country escape the political nightmare and start the long and painful healing process.

Don't remember it? Too old and can't remember? To old and to liberal and an ex-dope smoking hippie who jumped on the "Get the President" bandwagon? Too young and didn't know about it or just spent to much time in high school getting high?

Wake up America. The same thing is happening RIGHT NOW!

The Benghazi terror attack is worse than Watergate ever was. Four (4) Americans serving their country DIED there. That's DEAD, Forever, NEVER COMING BACK!

The President insisted this was a spontaneous demonstration by Islamic fanatics and that there was nothing we could do about it. He flew to Las Vegas the next day for a campaign appearance.  Later he flew to where the bodies were returned to our country to mourn their deaths and to grieve with the victim's families. The administration and the State Department went ahead and made appearances on television insisting they had no idea of the severity of the attack and that it was a spontaneous demonstration of local citizens.

The guy who made the video is STILL IN JAIL, BEING HELD WITHOUT BEING CHARGED! Does that sound like the America YOU grew up with and in? How much power do these people have?

It's now coming out that they changed the story they released. They were informed the compound was being attacked. They knew that mortars were being used in the attack. The people at the embassy pleaded with their superiors for help. The State Department told them help wasn't an option. The State Department told them that help wouldn't get there in time. American fighter jets were three hours away. Paratroopers were five hours away.

So the question becomes, Did the State Department , the Defense Department, or even the White House know how long this "Spontaneous Demonstration" was scheduled to last? And who gave the order to NOT RESPOND to their pleas for help? Demonstrations in Egypt the same weekend went on for weeks. So who knew this was going to be over before we could respond?

And why did the US Ambassador to the United Nations go on 5 television networks and insist we knew nothing of an organized attack and insisted it was a reaction to an anti-Islam video posted on the internet? The President himself went on television, during a re-election campaign, and said it wasn't an organized attack and didn't even use the words terrorist attack.

It was, and still is, a good old fashioned political cover up. It's exploding right in front of your eyes. Look at it and try to remember it. Chances are something news cycle wise will develop or be created to throw up a smoke screen and divert your attention away. Remember President Clinton  bombing Albania to distract us from his sexual misconduct? Stains on Monica's dress for Gods sake!

President Obama should come clean with the American people about what happened in Benghazi. He should do the honorable thing and resign the presidency immediately. This isn't a "race motivated" or even a partisan politics issue. FOUR HONORABLE AMERICANS WERE BRUTALLY KILLED HERE. This is a case of an American president deliberately, and with considerable forethought, Lying to the American Public during his re-election campaign.

I would rather have that drooling simpleton vice-president Joe Biden running the country than a bold faced liar with the blood of four brave Americans on his hands.

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