Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Timmy? Is that you?

Timmy was the kid across the street, You remember him, the cute kid who looked like Opey Taylor and was always such a terror. On Halloween, Timmy was the kid who tied toilet paper to your mailbox, He didn't knock it over with a baseball bat. He was a "Good" kid.

Timmy mowed your lawn, walked and fed your dog when you were on vacation, raked your leaves. To sum it all up, Timmy was the all American boy right down to the homemade slingshot in his back pocket.

Remember the night he had his first "Date" in the 7th grade? The school dance where his dad got all dressed up in a suit and tie and played chauffeur so they could impress the young lady Timmy was wooing. It was so much fun to stand in the driveway and watch this little man grow up in front of us.

I still remember signing his cast after he fell out of a tree and broke his arm. I remember it all.

That stupid go cart that made all that racket! The same go cart I fixed in my garage a dozen times. How could I forget the time when he carved his name in the fence out by my mailbox. It's still there. I see it every time I get the mail.

I remember the first time he started on the high school football team. We sat in the stands and froze our asses off as the kids played in the driving sleet, slipping and sliding all over the half frozen muddy field.

Off to college, an officer in his ROTC unit, an engineering degree, A new wife and a baby.

Timmy went into the army as he was deeply saddened when his country was attacked by terrorists on 911.

Yes, Timmy was an all American boy. He was our personal hero.

I wonder if he will pull the trigger?

You see, I recognize Timmy amongst the other soldiers. His red hair and freckles make him stand out. Timmy's army unit was deployed to "Keep the Peace"  during the budget protests we have been having lately. All these poor people want to do is let the government know that we are tired of standing in line and spending ten dollars for a gallon for milk. With 30% unemployment can you blame us? Most of us who are protesting are older citizens who can't afford to pay for healthcare or even our rent these days. The Government has taxed us to death and we are now broken, desperate people.

Again, I wonder if Timmy will pull the trigger? Will he recognize me? He is pointing his rifle at the lady standing next to me. His stare is blank and he seems to be sort of brainwashed. This poor lady can barely stand up she is so frail.

Did our government really activate the National Guard and call the army in to suppress our peaceful demonstration. What are they afraid of? Don't they work for us?

Will Timmy really open fire on his fellow Americans, his friends and neighbors.

What has this world come to?

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