Monday, November 18, 2013

A Stomach Ache with the Beatles…..

Yesterday, Oh my dinner seemed so far away
now I fear it has come back to play
Oh what did I eat back yesterday?

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be
The belly pain it has come over me
Oh Taco Bell what have you done to me?

But now I have to go
I dunno fourth time today.
I fear something's wrong as I run before I spray yea yea yea.

Yesterday, before I seemed to be A-OK
That's before I flushed my life away
at least I'll lose some weight this way
I hope this stops by my birthday.
The month of March is so far away……

Oh Yeah I, have got something
I don't think you understand
When I, use the bathroom
It smells like Pakistan!
Please don't touch my ha ha hand
Please don't touch my hand

Oh please come to see that it's for your own good
as we quarantine the whole neighborhood
Don't wanna touch my ha ha hand
Please don't touch my hand

My tummy rumbles, I go running inside
the feelings not unlike a massive landslide

I hope you, won't catch this something
from this sick, sick man
and don't eat  Burrito Grandes
or visit Pakistan.
I gotta wash my ha ha hands
Please always wash your hands
Pleas always wash you Hands hands hands hands

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Ken Himes said...

hahahahahahaha - i loved it