Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Other Shoe Dropping……

Is the sound you are hearing.

As I was sitting around thinking yesterday, I came upon a startling conclusion.

I am going to try and stop thinking because it can only get me in trouble.

Now that the government has conquered the auto industry and the banking industry, What's next? The insurance companies have already lost the ability to sell you private health insurance. Your personal health insurance will now be handled by the government, why not your auto insurance?

The government has already made it mandatory for you to carry a personal healthcare policy or you will get fined on your taxes. There already are state laws and some federal laws that require you to have auto insurance policies if you own a vehicle. Why not go after that market as well? They will certainly need the cash from the auto premiums to subsidize the failing Affordable Healthcare Act. The laws are already in place, your wallet open and the cash there for the taking.

And how about your life insurance premiums? Here is a way to snatch more money from retirees and most employees in the country. Complete taxation from cradle to grave. 100% monitoring of your lifestyle and activities by the government courtesy of the chip implanted in your body when you were born at the government hospital. Just like that thing Flo want's you to hook up to your car so she can see how fast you drive so she can increase your rates down the road. I'm sorry Mr. Chuckie, you went SCUBA diving last month, we are going to have to raise your policy premiums do to your risky behavior. Don't like it? Too bad. There are 14,000 (fourteen thousand) new IRS agents out there to make sure you comply.

This isn't a "Brave New World", This is the old Orwellian Nightmare coming to fruition right before our eyes.

At least if the auto insurance industry is controlled by the government they will be immune from lawsuits by pettifogging (look it up) attorneys. And then we won't have to look at those goddamn commercials from 1-800-Ask-Gary any more.

Sure that's a really small victory. It's kind of like remarking how nice the guy in the coffin looks at an open casket funeral.

Nice complexion but he's dead…..

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