Thursday, November 10, 2016

The 2016 Presidential Erection

Yes I’m cheating. 

I am typing this a couple days after the election is over so I know already what has happened.

First the obligatory data from November 8 2016:

Dow Jones Industrial Average    18,259 points
Gold Futures                               $1,281.00/oz
Silver Futures                               $18.34/oz
WTIC Crude Oil                                $44.60/bbl

For the last couple elections I have been documenting these indexes here so you my constant reader, can observe our countries progress, or decline.

You may have noticed that I have been mysteriously absent from the blogosphere during this election. I apologize for this as whenever I ponder the depth of depravity our election system has sunk to I develop very painful and uncontrollable shit cramps and have to run to the biffy for a prolonged episode of explosive diarrhea. You know the kind where you have to drag in the pressure washer to scrub the bottom of the toilet seat with a solution of high temperature water and industrial strength swimming pool chlorine.

Sorry that was so graphic, but it’s true.

“Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Gary Johnson” is the slogan on the t-shirt I just ordered. And I really believe it. I did vote for some down ticket Republicans who I thought would do a good job but that’s about it. I left the Republican Party a few years back as I was disgusted by the social and political stands they were taking. To this day I have no regrets.

Well that’s not entirely true, I regret I couldn’t do more to advance the Libertarian ideals in my state and country. Let me make this perfectly clear (Thanks Dick) I am not a shite Libertarian. An example would be that I do believe the Federal Reserve Bank is evil and should be dismantled. I do not,however, go so far as to believe that each state should be allowed to print their own currency as a local Libertarian fanatic running for office suggests.

So now the election is over. Trump beat Clinton. 

All this does is verify what we all knew. Hillary Clinton was the weakest candidate the Democrats have ever nominated for president. Donald Trump beat her. Trump was the most vilified candidate the Republicans have ever had. Numerous senators and congressmen as well as a couple of former Republican presidents refused to support or even vote for him! The most hated of the 16 Republican candidates got the nomination and he still beat Clinton. In doing so he even flipped a couple of Democrat stronghold states like Michigan and Ohio. This is all a testament to how pathetic Hillary Clinton really is/was.

The real loser here is the American public. Not because a perverted, foul-mouthed old man is now our president-elect, but because of the WAY he won. It is now perceived that the way to win an election is to be as disgusting and foul-mouthed as possible. I will bet you anything you like that the next presidential election will resemble more of a professional wrestling cage match or mud wrestling contest in an open septic field than an intelligent discussion of who will rule the free world.

Maybe we would have been better off if Clinton had won and started a nuclear war with the Russians. At least then we would have a complete and total reset of our values and morals.

My last word is; Hold on, it’s gonna be a very bumpy four year ride.

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