Thursday, October 16, 2008

Health Insurance for the Dain Bramaged…

Thank goodness these retarded debates are over.

This election, health insurance has turned into an issue to divert you from other really important issues.

McCain wants to tax your insurance benefits you get from your employer. Each person your employer insures costs them about $1,200.00 a month. You pay a hundred or so. They are being nice to you. They want you to keep working there. So now you pay income taxes on the $13,200 as added income? But you get a $5,000.00 credit? That kinda sucks. It was a freebee before. What if you use the insurance? Do you pay taxes on the money paid to the hospital? My open heart surgery was far more than one hundred thousand dollars. Is that now taxable income? I can feel my heart starting to twitch again just thinking of that tax bill.

Obama’s plan gives you the same plan that federal employees can take advantage of. So you would pay your portion, say $100.00 a month and the government would take care of the rest. The other $13,200 per year the government picks up, just like your employer would pay. So let’s see here if 10 million people did this…. 10,000,000.times $13,200 is……Hang on. Have to do it on paper as the calculator ran out of places…..Holy crap. Did I do this right?

One hundred thirty two billion dollars…. per year. That is $132,000,000,000 for those of you who like zeros. That is more than the space shuttle cost. More than 50 of them. That money could build more than 40 aircraft carriers. Every year. We could colonize Mars and have an NFL team there for that kind of money.

But it’s OK. The government is going to pay for it!

And that’s just the insurance portion of the crap that dribbles from these politicians lips. I’ll go into the energy crisis problems of this nightmare later.

I should have watched my DVR reruns of Batman from the 1960’s rather then that moronic debate. At least the plots (and characters) are more believable!

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