Friday, October 17, 2008

I’m Hopping Mad…………..

Think twice before you zip in front of me in your matchbox sized, ethanol powered slot car. I have a huge six thousand pound truck that I would be tickled to death to squash you flat as a beer can with.

Ethanol is mostly made from corn. It is a clear, odorless, flammable liquid that can be used as an automobile fuel. It has a low BTU content so it takes a lot more of it to do the same amount of work that other fuels like gasoline or diesel fuel can do. It is very corrosive so it cannot be pumped around the country in pipelines. It has to be trucked around in tanker trucks. It is the major additive in gasoline produced in the United States. Some environmental dimwits (almost all of them) want us to use more ethanol since it’s such a green, clean fuel. A few advocate switching all motor vehicles to ethanol.


The truck that delivers the corn seed runs on diesel fuel, the farmer’s tractor runs on diesel fuel. The pumps that irrigate the fields run on electric or diesel engines. The harvesting machinery runs on diesel fuel and so does the truck that carries it to market. This doesn’t even begin to cover the power and electricity needed to make the fuel from good ole corn squeezens.

Fact: It takes two gallons of diesel fuel to make one gallon of ethanol.

So why am I so pissed off? We live with the uneducated environmental idiots intruding into our lives everywhere. What’s got Chuckie mad enough to commit vehicular homicide?

Farmers are abandoning their current crops to grow corn which has become a more lucrative product due to the popularity of the ethanol based fuels. Lettuce, tomatoes, vegetables, yams, hops, wheat, oats, the list goes on and on.

Holy Crap Batman! You heard right. Hop production in this country has dropped by 75%. The farmers in the northwest are growing corn instead of hops. A pound of hops used to cost about four dollars.($4.00) Today a pound of hops can go for over forty dollars ($40.00). The beer industry estimates a six pack of beer could cost two dollars ($2.00) more in the future.

 I think I’m going to cry.

How are we going to combat a warmer climate when we can’t afford a cold beer?

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